At Lester + Company we help restaurants grow.
We give you the CPA expertise and real-time financial and operational reporting tools
you need to achieve higher profitability, more efficiency, and faster growth.

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Our software tools show you the numbers behind your business in seconds – not months.

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In-house accountants can be pricy, but they’re not the only way to put experts on your team. Lester + Company specializes in the restaurant industry and provides the resources and expertise of a CPA firm to help you achieve your goals. We understand what it takes for restaurants to grow into multiple locations and beyond – and we know the challenges that arise on the way.

That’s why Lester + Company provides expert insight and real-time financial reporting tools, so owners can make decisions based on the needs of their businesses today, not what happened months ago. Plus, our proven experts can help you understand the numbers and build a strategy for success. We give today’s restaurant owners the insight they need to get ahead and grow.